Art and Thought (PL)

In Art and Thought I argue that art is a form of thinking.  I understand by that, first of all, that we can think about art as a class of conceptual operations where conceptual operations are interpreted as direct recognition of correctness of practical or cognitive disposition. Second of all, I argue that art can be understand as a way of thinking and seeing. I state that art shows how we could see and think about certain objects. Strictly speaking, art determines rules and concepts by which we see and think. Third of all, I argue that as logic teaches how to formulate conclusions, art teaches how to see, and without art we are becoming so to speak blind. Literature, painting, or music make us in nontrivial sense richer, since they enable us to see world from different perspectives. They show non-obvious aspects of social, internal or external reality. They teach how could we perceive the reality and enable us to see the world from the perspective of different person or different times. Is it a lot? It is hard to expect more.


I read Art and Thought in one breath and I am very impressed. It is one of the best book on art I have read lately.


prof. Piotr Francuz

(Catholic University of Lublin)