Raising God. Alexander Gottlieb Baumgarten's Project of Anthropological Aesthetics (PL)

Raising God reconstructs the Alexander Gottlieb Baumgarten’s project of aesthetics, as well as the aesthetic thought of Leibniz, Wolff and Pietism - religious and intellectual stems Baumgarten’s aesthetics rose from. According to the author, Baumgarten’s idea of aesthetics should be seen as an anthropological and pedagogical attempt to rethink the so called art of good life. The first part of the book concerns the question how aesthetics’ concept was formed before Baumgarten in thought of the members of German Enlightenment. The answer to the question Kozak seeks in epistemological and moral writings of Leibniz, Wolff and Franke. The second part of the book deals directly with Baumgarten’s idea of aesthetics. The author investigates Baumgarten’s Meditationes and Aesthetica – two main writings devoted to aesthetics – as well as Metaphysica, one of the main course book on metaphysics in the Enlightenment. Kozak shows how could we think about the concepts of truth, beauty and goodness and why sensibility is a core concept to understand them. The author reconstructs also the idea of vita cognitionis aesthetica – the missing point of never finished Aesthetica. As a supplement the book includes polish translations of extensive parts of Aesthetica and Ästhetik-Vorlesungmitschriften.